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Property investment doesn’t have to be complicated.

The founders of Bugwash Property have mastered the art of investing in residential property.

Understanding the cycles of residential property means that Bugwash Property can take better advantage of property growth. Getting into the right properties, in the right markets, at the right times and then getting out at the right times.

Personal Investment

Personal investment is a brilliant strategy for people who want to pay less tax, get rid of their mortgage faster and create a passive income.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership is incredibly appealing because you can get all the benefits of property ownership for a ‘Fraction’ of the cost, without all the responsibilities.

David Bugeja

David Bugeja

“It’s all about ‘Timing’ the market, not just spending ‘Time in’ the market.”

David has built a successful career as an investor, mentor and a property coach since 2000. He has always believed in the principle of never suggesting a location to anyone unless he’s prepared to invest in the same area personally.

David has always stuck by the principle of ‘walking the walk’ and not just ‘talking the talk’. He takes great pleasure in being able to work with so many amazing people and sharing with them his knowledge and experience. David believes that Bugwash Property is the best job in the world as he gets to help hundreds of people improve their financial position through bricks and mortar investments in high growth locations.

Brian Washbourne

Brian Washbourne

“Smart people learn from their mistakes. Really smart people learn from other people’s mistakes”

Brian’s background in building and construction began in 1985, going on to work for some of Qld’s most significant building companies at a senior management level. This level of knowledge and understanding enables him to make the most informed and educated decisions when it comes to investment properties.

One of the things Brian loves about his job, is knowing that for every property that is built, so much is contributed back into the community, creating hundreds of jobs.

He gets such a buzz knowing how many people are benefiting along the way.

Megan's Story

Megan is proudly part of the 0.9% club of property investors. This is the small percentage of residential property investors in Australia that own 6 or more properties.

One of Megan’s main keys to reaching this level of success has been aligning herself with people who have had her best interests at heart that she could trust, utilising their experience and their trusted partners along the way.

It was fear that got Megan started initially, fear that she would end up in some aged-care facility somewhere because she wouldn’t have enough money when she retired and that her future would be out of her control.

Megan loves the “Choices” that successful property investing can provide her in the future.

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At a glance

Change Management consultant
Living Situation
Single, renting
Years Investing
8 years
Current Properties
6 personal investment properties plus fractional ownership investor
Portfolio Value
approx. $2.5m

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