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Introducing the property investment workshop

Where do you get unbiased information and education about investing in property without the risk of being 'sold to' by companies with a vested interest in spruiking their scheme or development project?

There are plenty of good and not so good 'property seminars' that are nothing more than dressed up sales pitches.

That's why this program has been put together, to help you navigate the world of investing in property, to get high quality, up to date, relevant information from professionals who work with property on a daily basis.

The presenters are local to the South East Queensland. They are business owners who provide the best advice to clients on various aspects of property and investing.

They all run their own businesses which are independent from each other, and will provide teaching and education from their own experience and knowledge.

This is one of very few independent property investment workshops providing real education, practical examples and real advice for people dipping their toe in to buy their first investment property to seasoned investors looking to expand their portfolio in today's economomy.

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Property investment workshop

(and bring a spouse/partner/friend for FREE)

  • DATE: Weds 22nd September 2021
  • TIME: 6:30 - 9:30pm
  • Location: Level 1, 16 Lake Street, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227 (GOLD COAST)
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There is no one right strategy for all

You will learn about a range of property investing options from new builds, townhouses to apartments, beachfront to hinterland and a lot more in between.

You will get enough information to help you formulate a plan that is perfect for your lifestyle, financial position, stage in life and goals.

The presenters will be available for you to ask questions and help you get clarity to move forward with confidence rather than guesswork.

Once you decide to become a property investor, you need to think about what structure is bust to buy it in. Should it be in joint names, in a company, in a trust, can you use a self-managed super fund, what happens if one person dies, and so much more.

That's why there are a range of presenters from professional investors, lawyers and accountants through to property managers, trust specialists and insurance brokers.

All of the presenters will help you put together the various pieces of the property investing puzzle so you do it right from the start and build a solid sustainable, profitable property portfolio now and through to retirement.

There is more to property than just buying one

An in-depth workshop

To ensure you walk away with a tonne of incredibly helpful and useful information, this is not just an introduction with a 5 minute summary from all of the speakers.

There will be an number of specialist speakers who will really deliver the detail you need to help you make good decisions and take the right actions.

There will be information provided which you can take away and use as you start looking for property that fits your criteria and meets your goals.

You will be able to ask questions and ensure you have a thorough understanding of each presenter's topic.

You won't find another pure property education workshop quite like this.

Joey Ashby

Joey Ashby

Bugwash Property helped us get our super into an SMSF fund, and then invest in a residential property.


It was something we didn’t even think we could do given our super balances - we just didn’t think we had enough. So we were over the moon with being able to invest in property, that we know will give us a result rather then it pretty much doing nothing in our standard funds. I can’t recommend them more highly.


David, Brian, Glenn and the whole team were absolutely awesome. Top notch service and support.

Topics Include

Property Fundamentals

  • Common mistakes when buying
  • Criteria to select developers
  • Why property over other investment types
  • The hottest place to invest right now
  • Should you buy new or second hand
  • Difference in returns of apartments, town house, duplex
  • Impact of the Covid economy on property

Property Information

  • Where to get current information
  • How to review your portfolio to keep on track
  • Where to get support and the best advice
  • Common questions novice investors have
  • Shortcuts to sourcing and finding property
  • How to avoid bidding wars escalating prices
  • How to calculate the short and long term ROI

Property Finance

  • P&I or Interest Only?
  • Is cross-collateralisation good or bad
  • Two ways to structure finance (banks love one of these)
  • How to get 100% finance
  • What is better? Going with a broker or direct to the bank?
  • Difference between equity & usable equity
  • Bad credit and bumps on credit report

Tax & Deductions

  • When to use an accountant and when to DIY
  • Tax refund vs tax variation
  • What tax deductions are available on property?
  • How to go on a family holiday and claim it as a tax deduction
  • Are all accountants the same, or where do I find specialists?
  • The most common mistakes people make that costs tens of thousands of dollars
  • My old accountant did it all wrong. Can I fix it up years later?

Property & The Law

  • Is it okay to sign a contract prior to my lawyer reading it?
  • Are electronic copies OK or do you need hard copies of documents?
  • Different types property titles and what they mean
  • What is stamp duty and how is it calculated?
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Is a finance clause good enough to cancel a contract?
  • Special terms and conditions you can include to protect you

Property & SMSF

  • What you can and can't do with property in an SMSF
  • What are the costs to set up an SMSF?
  • Benefits and pitfalls of SMSF
  • What is a rollover and how does is work?
  • The right and wrong way to structure a SMSF
  • How much super do I need to start a SMSF
  • How to purchase property through an SMSF

Tenants & Management

  • Is everything skewed in favour of the tenant?
  • What documents are required when tenanting a property?
  • How to stop a tenant living rent free for months
  • Managing the property myself vs using a property manager
  • How much can be charged as a bond and where does it go?
  • If I suspect damage is occurring, can I enter the property under emergency?
  • The process to ensure you get only good tenants and avoid the bad

What To Insure

  • The 5 Mistakes People Make When Selecting Insurance Cover & How to Avoid Them
  • Does the Body Corporate cover the building insurance?
  • Not all insurance is the same so what to read in the fine print
  • Little know exclusions in a total loss
  • How to negotiate terms and conditions
  • What are the best investor friendly insurers
  • Can I enforce tenants to take out insurance?

Little Known Property Investing Strategy

  • The biggest difference between successful and & unsuccessful property investors
  • The single most important thing to build a property portfolio
  • The top ten mistakes investors make time and time again that cost them real money
  • Where to find the biggest wins in property
  • The most successful strategy in the current times
  • Beware of popular property myths peddled by property marketing companies
  • Is it best to buy off the plans or when complete?

Personal Insurance Risk

  • Is life insurance neccessary when you have recurring rental income?
  • Do you have to take their cover?
  • Can the insurance be cancelled and invalidate the bank lending conditions
  • What is the absolute minimum life and income cover needed while still covering personal risks
  • What is wrong with the cheap deals offered online
  • Is there a time I won't need life insurance (apart from when I'm dead)?
Sam Hardy

Sam Hardy

The entire team at Bugwash Property provide a seamless, trusting environment to each of their clients. From the first introduction, it's clear they are here to help you with achieving your goals, with no asks in return.


Weather it's investing your Super through cashflow positive property to ensure your retirement dreams become reality, building the foundations for an investment portfolio or building upon your current investment portfolio to achieve maximum wealth for you and your family the team have an abundance of knowledge and experience with willingness to share it with all.


The proven results, detailed investment strategies, positivity and passion the entire team applies to each and every client is above and beyond any other investment firm I've come across.


My partner & I are determined to continue to build wealth through residential property investment, Bugwash Property and its partners are an essential key to achieving this.


We thank you for everything you have taught and shared with us thus far and look forward to many more years in partnership. I encourage ALL to reach out to the Bugwash Property team to start your journey in property today!

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What's Included

  • 1. Workshops

    This is a rare opportunity to learn from some of the foremost property experts in Australia each week.

    You will have the opportunity to ask questions and tap their minds for the best information available in today's unique economic conditions so you can take advantage of some incredible opportunities available right now.

    Complimentary refreshments are available to ensure you enjoy the evening and get maximum learning in your property education.

    Value: $997

  • 2. Workbook

    A full workbook is included packed full of information, checklists, resources, property guides, purchasing and investing information.

    All of the presenters have contributed their knowledge and expertise to the workbook to ensure is is packed full of practical value for you to start or continue your property journey with confidence.

    Value: $547

  • 3. Checklists & Templates

    A selection of checklists and templates to help you make the right decisions with your property strategy, whether you're putting an offer in, it's tax time, you need help managing tenants, or you're calculating returns & much more.

    Value: $297

  • 4. Video Recordings

    The workshop will be recorded by video. After the workshop you will be able to watch the sessions again to ensure you don't miss anything and can jog your memory on some of the important points.

    Value: $627

  • 5. Vouchers & Gift Certificates

    The presenters are providing the opportunity to meet with them, provide additional resources, discount on services, and access to sound advice to further your property investment decisions.

    Normally to meet with many of them they charge an hourly rate that can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    For giving up your time to attend this workshop series you will be gifted some time, resources and information.

    Value: $2,815

  • 6. Address Book

    You will receive contact details for all of the presenters should you have a question or want further information as you plan your property strategy.

    Value: $priceless

Total value$5,283

Register Now

Property investment workshop

(and bring a spouse/partner/friend for FREE)

  • DATE: Weds 22nd September 2021
  • TIME: 6:30 - 9:30pm
  • Location: Level 1, 16 Lake Street, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227 (GOLD COAST)
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Attend the workshop session and if at the end, you have not learnt anything that will help you with your property investing journey, we would happily refund your investment of time but instead you can keep everything you received from the presenters.

Olivia Gash

Olivia Gash

We feel so privileged to be working with the Bugwash team. With David and Brian’s experience, expertise and market knowledge we feel we’re in safe hands. The Bugwash team are passionate in what they do and offer a tried and trusted strategy and genuinely want to help.


We have learnt so much from working with them. Their expertise in knowing the growth markets and when to enter and exit saves us research time and provides us with security and results.


The Bugwash team are passionate in what they do. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be working with Bugwash.

The Workshop Presenters

David Bugeja

David Bugeja

Bugwash Property

How To Select The Right Property, In The Right Place At The Right Time And Do Better Than Any Other Investment Class.

David has been investing in property since 2004 and has built a successful career as a property investor, a mentor and a property coach.

He has always believed in the principle of never suggesting an excellent location to anyone unless he's prepared to invest in the same area personally, and has always stuck by the principle of walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

David finds it such a pleasure to be able to work with so many amazing people and to share with them his knowledge and experience.

Bugwash Property is the best job in the world for David as he gets to help hundreds upon hundreds of people improve their financial position through bricks and mortar investments in high growth locations, and he feels so proud of every one of them as he watches them succeed.

How to invest successfully to grow worth & to contribute to the wider community.

Brian's background is building and construction with over 32 years working in the property and construction industry.

Now, Brian gets to look after all of Bugwash Property's amazing clients, making sure they get more value than they ever expected.

One of the things he really loves about his job, is knowing that for every house they build, so much is contributed back into the community.

Together with their clients, millions of dollars are being directed back into these communities through infrastructure & development, creating hundreds of jobs.

The best part is that they get to build homes and provide housing for people that are not in a position to be able to do it for themselves. He gets such an amazing feeling knowing how many people they help along the way.

Brian Washbourne

Brian Washbourne

Bugwash Property

Glenn Hankinson

Glenn Hankinson

Bugwash Property

Workshop Facilitator & Moderator

Glenn is the National Director - Client Support for Bugwash Property.

He has been a leader in the education system for more than 2 decades.

For almost 5 years now, he has lead the development of support systems for Bugwash Property.

Glenn now heads up their Client Support program working with clients to give them a world-class experience as they engage with Bugwash Property now and continuing into the future.

Navigating The Rules & Regulations To Use Super For Buying And investing in Properety.

Tanesha Reed is the Director of East Coast Incorporations with over 6 years’ experience in corporate secretarial including Partnership acquisitions, Corporate Structure Set Ups and Self-Managed Super Funds.

She specialises in setting up entities/registrations required for when purchasing property through super, cost effectively providing wholesale rates, enabling investors a faster pathway to investing through super.

Tanesha has a passion for her work, an eye for detail and loves supporting people through these structural processes to create a better lifestyle.

Tenesha Reed

Tanesha Reed

East Coast Incorporations

Amanda Devlin

Amanda Devlin

Agent For Life

Is Life & Risk Insurance Really Necessary?

Amanda is a Financial Adviser who focuses on insurances such as Life Insurance, TPD, & income protection insurances. She works to ensure investors have the right cover.

Amanda ensures that people understand fully the cover required, how to structure it for maximum protection and benefit, and who should pay for it, an SMSF or paid personally.

Depreciation & Unlocking the tax refund potential in your investment property

A property that produces income will decrease in value over time as buildings and assets on that property wear out, a process called depreciation.

As a property owner you are entitled by the ATO to claim the expense of depreciation over the years as a tax deduction.

Tax depreciation enhances the value of your investment by putting more money in your pocket when you receive your tax return.

On average for a new property, you can expect to reduce your tax assessable income by up to $15,000 in the first full financial year.

Derek Linton

Derek Linton

Mitchell Brandtman Quantity Surveyors

Kim Oldroyd

Kim Oldroyd

QC Law Solicitors

Your Legal Rights And Obligations When Buying Investment Property.

Kim has been working in legal firms since 2001 she has over 20 years experience in property and conveyancing in Queensland and interstate.

She practices exclusively in Property, Commercial, Business and Wills and Estates.

Kim deals with Residential Conveyancing acting for the Seller and the Buyer, as well as first time investors, overseas investors, Self-Managed Superfund purchases right through to acting for experienced Developers including acting in off the plan purchases and large scale developments.

Discover how to minimise your tax and get an even higher ROI by Investing In Property

It is about more than just a tax refund!

There are many tax advantages to investing in property, such as tax deductions. Many of these items are hidden in legislation and regulations that most people have access to readily.

A good accountant will set up your financial system to maximise your tax position, ensure you are spending in the right areas to give you a return, and even things like how to get maximum tax benefits for all members of your family, rather than just the person who signed the mortgage documents.

Craig Budgen Exceedia Accounting

Craig Budgen

Exceedia Accountants

Shane Flower Proinsure

Shane Flower

Proinsure General Insurance

What protection do you need for your property & who has the best cover?

Shane Flower offers expert advice on each clients requirements. He assesses their particular risks & exposure, recommending specific insurance products to cover those risks.

He is committed to developing close relationships with his clients to understand their needs and earn their trust. He provides proactive advice and solutions, positioning to survive any insurable event.

His success to date is based on providing a high quality, personalised and professional service to his clients throughout Australia.

How to get the best mortgage finance, rates and flexibility for investing in property.

Annette has over 30 years' experience in the finance industry, with 18 years as a Mortgage and Finance Broker.

Annette believes a professional broker must have at least 15 years + experience and be well versed in all lending & credit policy products.

Annette Ross

Annette Ross

Mortgage & Finance Specialist

Justin Miller

Justin Miller

Remax Regency

Managing Property and Tenants

Justin Miller heads up the property management division at RE/MAX Regency. In 2013 he became one of the first to graduate from BOND University with a Masters of Real Estate adding to his two other Masters degrees in Construction Practise and Building Surveying.

With a professional background in property development, commercial construction and property management, Justin has gained invaluable experience across multiple Real Estate facets such as Property Finance, Land Acquisition, Construction and Property Management.

Justin defines his charter as property management growth, to seal an unquestionable reputation in residential property management whilst building the same in commercial property management. His Team’s point of difference is service through strong relationships with landlords and tenants established as a result of communication and education.

Bryan Paull

Bryan Paull

Expert knowledge on where & when to invest, smooth process, removed stress surrounding getting into the property market...massive care-factor for us as individuals. David, Brian & Glenn are the absolute best at what they do!


In a few short years, my wife & I have invested in a couple of properties following what they did with their own money.


We intend to continue building our property portfolio, using their experience & expertise to result in our asset value providing us passive income to fund our retirement lifestyle!

Register Now

Property investment workshop

(and bring a spouse/partner/friend for FREE)

  • DATE: Weds 22nd September 2021
  • TIME: 6:30 - 9:30pm
  • Location: Level 1, 16 Lake Street, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227 (GOLD COAST)
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Attend the workshop session and if at the end, you have not learnt anything that will help you with your property investing journey, we would happily refund your investment of time but instead you can keep everything you received from the presenters.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Commonly Asked Questions

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Tristan Brown

Tristan Brown

Highly recommend the team at Bugwash. As a real estate agent and active investor I’m always looking to surround myself with a team of professionals.


David & Brian have allowed us to elevate our investment portfolio through a structured and customised strategy. 


More importantly the positive impact they have had on my wife and I with our general mindset, overall outlook on life and forward planning has been the biggest return of all! Looking for more than just property... then make contacting Bugwash your priority.

Mike Clark

Michael Clark

David, Brian and Glenn (at their team) at Bugwash Property are truly world class. I've been investing in property for years, but have NEVER come across such a passionate, committed and experienced group that do it all for you.


I love the fact that I can leverage their combined depth of experience that would take many lifetimes to generate. Whenever a problem arises, they troubleshoot it for you before you even knew it was an issue.


I've been investing with them for over a year, I've been blown away by the strong capital growth and positive cash returns I've seen. We have another property on the way with them and I intend to invest with them for the foreseeable future.


Can't recommend these guys enough, each one of them are bloody legends.

Khobi Brown

Khobi Brown

David has been mentoring me since early 2019 and has not only helped me grow my financial wealth but he has also helped shift my mindset from not believing in myself to feeling like I can accomplish anything and achieve whatever I want in life.


I am forever grateful for the opportunities that David & Brian provide for me and it amazes me how selfless the guys really are. They always put their clients first and always give us the best of the best when it comes to property investing.


If you are wanting to create the life you’ve always wanted, then I highly suggest that you have a chat with David & Brian from Bugwash Property.

John Ballinger-Oches

John Ballinger-Oches

David, Brian and Glenn have been amazing in their support of us as we navigated and continue to chart new waters. By no means were we equipped with the skill needed to steer through these new experiences but the team of


David, Brian and Glenn were there every step of the way guiding and supporting us.


We have no hesitation in recommending Bugwash Property - Property Investment Advisors at all. They are excellent in their service and follow-up.

Arlene Portelli

Arlene Portelli

The lending, build and tenanting process was seamless. Completely stress free because everybody involved knows what they are doing and strive to provide good service. The most important aspect of all however, is the mindset and financial intelligence that david and glen help u develop, and the habits you begin to apply that direct u away from ordinary thinking.


Thank u david and glen for helping me believe that I am capable of having a go at property investment. The mentoring and guidance has been invaluable as an amateur investor who always wanted to have a go but didn't have the confidence. Really comfortable with the guidance and experience you provide.


For anybody who is similar to me who wants to have a go but doesn't have the confidence or guidance I recommend u talk to david and glen who can show u how to reach your full potential. Thanks again fella's

Janice Poole

Janice Poole

Support, support, support, if you are new to property investment or self managed super involving property, these are the professionals to help you, very experienced, well versed in property investment.


They have helped me every step of the way! Very knowledgeable and professional!


Definitely the leaders in their field! Highly recommend them!

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