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Why Up To 50% of aussies are Still ending up reliant on the pension as their main income stream...

If you were to ask the average Aussie what their plan for retirement is, they’d normally say their superannaution.


After all, it’s the system designed to help Aussies self-fund their retirement…


But there’s one BIG problem with the system for most Aussies over 40 years old;


They don’t have enough in their super to live more than a few years, before becoming heavily reliant on the government pension.


A pension that can be as little as $327.25 per week, per person to cover:

  • Any remaining mortgage/rent
  • Bills (water, rates, electricity, phone, internet)
  • Groceries and eating out
  • Medical and health
  • Insurances
  • Transport
  • Kids & Grandkids
  • Events, parties and birthdays
  • Pets…the list goes on.

On top of these ‘essential costs’, most of us dream of spending our golden years traveling, pursuing the things we love, and having enough leftover to be generous and pass on to kids/grandkids…


A dream that is getting more and more out of reach for the average couple.


And unfortunately, the issue is getting worse, as mortgage debts skyrocket.

The question most of our clients ask when they hear this, usually goes something like:


…How Does This Happen To Someone?


Or perhaps more importantly,


……How can I stop this happening to me?


Part of the answer lies in the Treasuries 2020 Retirement Income Review.


‘As at June 2019, around 71 per cent of people aged 65 and over received Age Pension or other pension payments.

For most households aged 65 and over,  the family home is their main asset. Superannuation makes up a small share of their net wealth– Commonwealth of Australia 2020


The answer, in short, is that the average Australian over 45 hasn’t built enough super to sustain themselves in retirement.


In fact, most people, if they’re honest with themselves probably can’t even answer the following simple questions about their supposed ‘nest-egg’:

  1. How much do you need in super to retire?
  2. How much do you currently have in super?
  3. What is your super currently invested in?
  4. Who is in charge of your super investment strategy?
  5. What return have you been getting in your super over the last 3-5 years?


Now, while the government is doing their part to increase the super guarantee from 9.5% to 12.0% over the next 5 years, the current outcome for the average Australian can be a stark reality for those who are approaching retirement.


(Data sourced from ABS – ‘Retirement and Retirement Intentions)

So, the question that remains is what can YOU do now, to setup your financial future and ensure a self-funded retirement:


Well, really you’ve got 2 options:


  1. You could continue down the same path, hoping that you accumulate enough super, that it’s invested with the right people and grows quickly enough.


2. You can take control of your super through an SMSF.


An SMSF can potentially save you tens-of-thousands in tax, reduce capital gains on property purchases, and ultimately – give you control over your future.


Now, when we normally first talk to our clients about SMSF property, there’s a mixture of excitement and uncertainty.


After all, most of them have seen their properties almost double in value over the last 5-10 years


(Not to mention the growth they’ve had since the start of 2021!)


But they’re uncertain of the process, costings involved and whether they can even afford to buy an investment property in their super.


That’s where we come in.


Here at Bugwash property we’ve helped over 1000 people invest in property, and are specialists in the SMSF space.


We can help you with everything from the finance, to setting up your SMSF and even guiding you on properties that are likely to give you the best returns.

With over 50-years-combined-experience in the property space, David & Brian have a thoroughly proven track record of great results for their clients.


The best part?


Using our specialised in-house structuring, we have been able to help clients purchase properties with up to $100,000 less in their super than they were quoted elsewhere.


The first step is to simply work out where you’re at, and whether you’re eligible to purchase an investment using your super.


Once you submit your information, we’ll ‘crunch the numbers’ and work out the best next-steps on how you can get started.


If we can help, we’ll give you a call to run through what we found and what we recommend…if not, we’ll give you the exact step-by-step process you need to get into alternative SMSF property investments.


Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose…this is a completely complimentary service.


And no, we won’t bombard you with phone calls / emails begging you to work with us…The truth is, that we can’t help everyone and we only want to work with those who want our help…


At the end of the day, our mission is to help 1 Million people achieve financial independance through property.


And we’d love you to be another one of our ‘success stories’


To get started, simply enter your details through the link below.

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