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Where do you get unbiased information and education about investing in property without the risk of being 'sold to' by companies with a vested interest in spruiking their scheme or development project?

There are plenty of good and not so good 'property seminars' that are nothing more than dressed up sales pitches.

That's why this program has been put together, to help you navigate the world of investing in property, to get high quality, up to date, relevant information from professionals who work with property on a daily basis.

The presenters are local to the South East Queensland

They are business owners who provide the best advice to clients on various aspects of property and investing. They all run their own businesses which are independent from each other and will provide teaching and education from their own experience and knowledge.

One of very few independent property investment workshops providing real education

Practical examples and real advice for people dipping their toe in to buy their first investment property to seasoned investors looking to expand their portfolio in today's economy.

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