Landlord Series – Intro

Landlord Series – Intro

Hi guys, it’s David and Brian here from Bugwash Property. We’re an investment property consulting firm based here on the Gold Coast.

It’s been brought to our attention just recently by one of our property managers that they have about 600 landlords and a lot of those landlords, and a big percentage of those landlords, are in a bit of pain. They’re in a bit of pain for a lot of different reasons, such as financial stress, the property’s just not working out the way they thought it would, and they’ve just got lots of questions that they need answering, need somebody to help them. And the property manager doesn’t have the experience to do that. So they’ve approached us and they’ve asked if we would mind offering some assistance to these landlords just to get get them through this pain and suffering that they’re going through at the moment. And most of the time it’s very easy solutions but you only know what you know. So we thought we’d do a series of videos helping landlords. We’d encourage landlords to come back to us with questions that they might have. We don’t care how silly or stupid these questions might be. Just fire these questions back to us and we’ll come back with what we consider a good solution to any issues, problems, or questions that you might have. Thanks, guys.

Yeah, Brian and I have been landlords for a long, long time, so if there’s, if we can help some landlords out there get better results, it’d be an honour and a pleasure for us to do so. Thank you.